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Nope, that won't work as you intend.
Normal PCs or Macs with standard Ethernet port (or appropriate external adapters) can connect to Dante network directly, but it's necessary to have special software from Audinate there. It's called either Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) or Dante Via (although it's for bit different use case), those make software endpoint for Dante network. No such application is available for iOS or iPads.

Only option for connection from iOS devices is Dante AVIO USB. (scroll down to USB model)
Which is essentially bus powered USB class-compliant stereo audio interface. So from iOS side it behaves like any standard audio interface supported directly by the system. From Dante network side, it behaves like 2x2 endpont and you can route two channels from and to this interface using Dante Controller (eg. you need also some computer with the software on the same network).

However for your use case, I'd likely grab any USB audio interface supported in iOS with analog inputs (haven't used mentioned Zoom, but looks like that kind of interface). Connect any analog out from the board and be done with that. It's IMO simpler to set, without any additional settings, routing and for sake of some live streaming it's absolutely adequate IMO. And even in case of AVIO, you'd still need hub for simultaneous powering of iPad via USB-C PD port.

Thanks for answering an abecedarian question so thoughtfully; much appreciated in the often acerbic air of the Internet. I’ll stick with your recommendations.

While I have your attention, would it be overkill to use mastering level equipment for live-streaming? I’m looking at my MBP and asking myself if it would be with using between my mixer and the zoom.