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Old 30th August 2007
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Blue Mics incredible customer service unbeleivable

I own a Blue Bottle and after about 3 months it developed a problem with the power supply.I called Blue and told them that the mic sounded so incredible that I used it daily and would be lost without it.They issued a pickup same day and I received the mic back at the studio in SC less than 24 hours .The next day air and repairs were covered by their warranty as well.It's nice to see that a high end product is backed up by people that understand the fact that their gear is used by some to earn a living.A peice of pro gear is only as pro as their service department and Blue is Number 1!They were also pleasant and easy to reach on the phone.

Gearsluts should have more posts regarding both positive and negative customer service stories to help others buy from comanies that help full time audio users keep their clients happy and on schedule.Negative experiences are even more important posts because I hate spening 2-4k on a peice of gear then having the manufacturer treat me like I bought it for 59.00 from Musicians Friend.