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I used V-Control for a while, but I think about a year or so ago, I began to use Splashtop, a remote iPad PC mirroring app to control my Daw. It works great, but I sometimes need the Apple Pencil to accurately press the record button. (You can see the pencil resting against the right-hand side of the U67 reissue case.) But with a Bluetooth keyboard, I can type in the bar numbers of the areas to be looped, and go through a whole song's worth of comping. Also, it's easy to toggle between video monitors, which is useful if there are song lyrics up on one monitor, and it's time to advance them to the next section.

I believe Splashtop is free for a Wifi-only version, which is all I need.

Also, I have the RME iPad app for my Fireface audio interface, which is great for setting headphone levels.