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Old 22nd April 2020
On the Android side, I've used the TouchDAW controller on both tablet and phone. Since it's a generic controller, it can require a little customization/tinkering but it's fairly flexible and one can often use it in conjunction with DAW shortcut keys. (It requires a single, free PC-side driver to operate.) There's a demo version so you can make sure it works before plunking down the few bucks I recall the full version costing.

To be honest, while I was impressed by TouchDAW, I ended up creating my own, simplified, custom remote using the same PC remote control I use for 'watching' my computer from across the room (I don't have a TV but I'm still a fan of turning off my brain every now and then), Unified Remote. (My DAW, Cakewalk/BL, has assignable hotkeys, making it even easier.)

The one thing that Unified Remote doesn't really do is two way info. It's mostly a passive remote (some of the remotes available do have some info display). Whereas TouchDAW can be set up to report info from the DAW, display virtual meters, etc. Like TouchDAW, the full version costs a few bucks, as I recall. (I wish the Android Play store would display the current price of things you've already bought!)