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Old 19th April 2020
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Useful (maybe) feature requests/improvements:

- GR is really small in the lower left corner. Can you make it bigger? Or more visible like Slope/Selectivity/Ch.Link/Attack/Release knobs?
- Modes. There are only MS and LR. Is it possible to implement separate modes, like Left Only, Right Only, Mid Only, Side Only? Or to make 2 independent windows for both channels (L and R; M and S) independent adjustments, not general all-mode-at-once processing. Such as, for example, separate independent M threshold, independent M gain reduction, independent S threshold, independent M pre-filters, independent selectivity... What for? More adjustments, less stereo imaging reduction. It maybe be more advanced than ChLink, but to make ChLink knob available only for full MS or LR as it is now (for simpler, not advanced, less surgical equing). Or something like that...
- filter parameter: slopes for all (shelves, peaks, shelf tilt) as well for more surgical/sensitive adjustments. For example, 48 dB/oct for peaks or high shelf...
- Quality: more than Ultra (Ultra 2, even Ultra 3)? So, it will use more FFT processing, yeah? But it is more harmonically precise, better for lows, mids, notching, sharper precision =)