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Old 19th April 2020
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Superb plugin, took me just a little while on various kinds of material and I can already see how this will help in many kinds of projects. Shows once again why TBProAudio is one of the best indie plugin developers out there IMO. They fly under the radar with virtually no marketing, and they deserve to get more recognition.

Anyway, I've tried this plugin on a variety of material so far, and it has rescued a painfully bad sibilance-laden mess of a client recording, de-harshed some location microphones in post production, and gently smoothed digital harshness in some old masters I did years ago. Just great so far. I think there's a little spark of magic in the algorithms, and I'm looking forward to really putting this to work. Given my positive experience with other TBProAudio plugins, I think this will likely become a staple in my projects.

This plugin will no doubt spark comparisons to other spectral equalizers on the market of course, YMMV, but to my ears I get the sense I can push this a little more than a certain competitor (no disrespect intended), there's a little more flexibility with the design IMO, and the sound is very smooth indeed. The CPU hit is relatively low, and the resizable UI is excellent. It also has some really great unique features like AB-LM Lite, which is super helpful in mastering IMO, plus really good little useful UI refinements like excellent meter options, EQ cheat sheet, etc. But above all, it sounds great so far.

We live in an amazing time with so many great products out there -- I don't want to take anything away from the great stuff on the market. But when I first ran into TBProAudio, I felt lucky to find this indie developer that consistently delivers top-notch, thoughtfully designed, great-sounding professional plugins for a reasonable price. Wish them the best of luck with this new one.