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Hey Dramis,

I hope you, your friends and family are all in top form during this period!

Could you please guide me a bit more regarding your corner traps. Now with the lockdown here in the UK, it might be the ideal time to take on this project.

What's the size timber you used for sides and back?

My guess is 4x2s for the sides and 3x2s for the back, all softwood?

Am I close?

For the top and the bottom triangles, did you:
  • get a standard 1200x600 18mm plywood,
  • cut it in 600 by 600mm squares ,
  • cut each square diagonally (to make the two right-angle triangles),
  • and then chipped the two sides of the hypotenuse of each triangle to make the 60cm width?

Many thanks!