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Just a question: If I'm not using over-sampling is the magnitude response of the dynamic EQ distorted as it approaches nyquist?

From the manual I would have assumed yes, yet when I analyse the pre-filters they don't seem to be distorting as I would expect (44.1kHz, no OS).

I did notice that when I enable over-sampling that the pre-filters seem to be affected, that is 2xOS will shift a 4kHz filter to 2kHz and 4xOS to 1kHz. Could this be a bug?
Pre-filters do not work directly on the signal, but only on the signal fed into the dynamic equalizers. So the signal cannot be distorted by DSEQ near Nyquist

Pre-filters work correctly in respect to OS. You can check your self:

1) default preset
2) slope to 0.0
3) white noise signal, -18dBFS peak.
4) set one filter to peak, 10kHz, 30.0 sens and 30.0 Q.
5) set OS as you want

Look at the spectrum view during change of filter frequency. Also check with any frequ analyser.
You can move the filter frequency close to Nyquist. You will see a nicely analogue matched filter response.