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Originally posted by largeunit

The Mac's currently work great without OSX, so your analogy does not apply.

BTW, Logic 5 for OS X is out right now. ProTools 6 for OS X is slated for Christmas release.
No, I think my analogy applies just fine. So PT6 for OSX is supposed to be out at Christmas (assuming, of course, that it actually IS out then). By choosing that particular software for his workstation, the original poster won't be able to do ANY work for a couple of months. THAT'S not good.

The fact that Macs work fine without OSX is also not relevant to the fact that PT for OSX is coming real soon now. I'm running PT 5.1 on OS 9.2 (I think). It does work fine. That has no relevance either, except that it's a currently availably stable setup, rather than vaporware. As it happens, I think that buying the first generation of OSX audio apps (it doesn't matter whether it's the curently available Logic o the upcoming PT), is also a bad idea, if you have client work that actually needs to be completed and turned in. I'd you're simply messing around with a program as a hobbiest, a first generation version may be fine, but I have no desire to have a program crash and burn with a paying client in the room.

I'd rather wait for some of the bugs to be fixed, just like I'm waiting for some of the plug-in issues to be resolved before I jump into PT HD. Which goes back to my original premise - that buying something that works NOW is better than waiting for the next thing.