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Originally Posted by msmucr ➡️

you can certainly work with RME interfaces without TotalMix. If you don't use any direct monitoring, which you'd like to adjust or advanced routing features of TotalMix, then you can set it once and essentially never touch it again. That's simply your workflow choice.
Of course except of normal working control of the hardware I/Os (like phantom power and line level sensitivity switching, gain adjustments for TRS line inputs), that's naturally accessible only from TotalMix and not DAW.

During initial setup, you basically set your monitoring section, where you assign analog or digital output pair, where you have connected your monitors. Front panel volume knob is an encoder, so it always control the particular pair, you've assigned there. Then you'll load-up built-in preset called "Straight Playback", that way all your playback outputs are mapped 1:1 to ASIO or Core Audio driver, so all your subsequent changes in routings, cue mixes etc. are handled solely in DAW.
If you really don't want to see anything related to direct monitoring in TotalMix, you can also change its operational mode from Full to DAW (option accessible from its menu). This will hide everything related to routing and submixes from UI and imply 1:1 mapping, although functionally that's the same as if you'll load the mentioned preset in full operational mode.

That's it,

Yah... this... easy!