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Originally Posted by Graaal Records View Post
Hello guys, there is something that I can't explain... When I put some crosstalk on my mixbuss, I hear a delay on my kick... Like if my plug in chain on my drum buss was not compensation delay...
Any idea?
The cross-talk feature will introduce cross-talk at the track level. That cross-talk will come from all other tracks in the session, even if those tracks are muted in the mix. Because of this **** can get really weird, really fast.

Personally I often have reference or previous mixes in my sessions.. just sitting there muted in case I want to reference them. If I turn on cross-talk in CS those reference mixes will start to bleed into my actual mix!!

Just as a second example: using amplifier simulators in a mix. If I have a guitar DI that's going through an amp simulator plug-in in real-time and I use the cross-talk feature in CS I will start to hear the actual guitar DI sound bleed into the mix. I will also start to get drums, for example, in my guitar DI before the actual amplifier simulator... as I said, **** starts to get weird!

This is where I start to ask "do I actually want to emulate an analogue console in a DAW when I use a DAW so differently to how I use an analogue console?"..