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But what if its on the main out? Does that override everything as a global activate?

And you have to mix into this sound right? I dont see how I can mix then activate shaper and just pick whatever I think sounds good. Im saying that too because it literally sounds terrible when I activate it anywhere. So I might be doing something wrong.
If it's on the mix bus then I believe it will be activated for every track that is routed to the mix bus, even if they go through other buses to get there.

The drive seems to be at the start of the individual channels themselves (before inserts) which is definitely interesting but can cause gain-staging chaos for some workflows. For example, let's say you added Console Shaper to an otherwise "perfect" mix.. because the CS drive is before any channel inserts it can completely alter your gain-staging and thus subsequent processing. Carefully dialled-in compressor settings may have to be revisited and so on..

For this reason I would say yes, you should always mix into CS if you plan to use it.. this is important for CS more so than any other console emulation plug-in just by virtue of how it works differently from your standard plug-in.

I would also humbly recommend using low drive settings with CS and not using the noise or cross-talk features at all (unless you are specifically going for a broken console sound)!