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Did anyone get one of these? This seems like a great bargain - and the included modules seem very cool. As I contemplate a jump into euro (I said I was never going to do this) this might take a bit of the sting out of the startup costs for me. Not to mention, up and running out of the box.
I bought the bundle. In retrospect, I should've just got the case because the modules kinda suck. I'm not really interested in Cellz because I would much rather trigger from Ableton/Push and Chipz has turned out to be really noisy, though it does come with two VCO's and two LFO's (one is half the speed of the other), so it has been quite useful.

Other than that, it is the best bang-for-buck introduction to Eurorack that I've seen, and I'm happy with my purchase. I still have Chipz and Cellz in my case right now because I don't exactly have a lot of extra cash lying around, what with the apocalypse and all, but I will eventually replace both of them.