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I'd got with a few different things over one expensive mic. Spend some more time with your 4050, that mic can do a lot of things.

You don't mention which dynamics you have, but I'll still say having good dynamics around is always helpful. I love Beyer M88s and have 3 of them. You mention tube amps and Leslie. I use M88s on those sources A LOT. Old EV re and pl series are great. If you want more bite out of an amp, AKG D100e are great, cheap and look amazing.

In condenser land, there are a lot of great and useful mics that aren't too expensive. Your mention of dark and warm lead me to the AA CM67se. I wrote the Tape Op review and I'm still kicking myself for not buying it. If things turn around, I'll have one this year. Other mics in their line are great too. 4050, and sE T2 are both mics that work on a lot of sources.

I love my Octava MC012 on drum overs and the soundboard of my upright piano. I don't doubt that they would work on you baby grand. They are incredibly cool mics.
Thanks Tony! I do have an M88 and love it. It's usually brighter M88 vs mellower 160 ribbon decision when I'm tracking with what i've got. Will take a look at those Octavas!