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I'm using Studio One with a Motu interface. It's not RME, but is't another external brand from Presonus. This is absolutely no problem.

I used it on USB2 before, now I'm on USB3. Only thing that might be less convenient (don't know about the Presonus interfaces, but I assume they are automatically set up in S1) that you need to map you input/outputs. But this a one time task as you can save the IO setup as default.

When tracking, I'm using a bounced version of the session in a separate tracking session and use the song data import function to get the recorded tracks into my main session for mixing.

As long as you keep your latency under 10mS, you're generally fine without zero-latency options. Though I had some singers who needed less than 6ms to not hear the delay, but that's rare (at least in my experience). You can see the current latency in the audio settings.