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loiks like we're usung a much different approach: regardless of genre but also of situation, i (mostly) don't using gear which leaves a typical sniic imprint of any kind, whethwr that's dark or bright, warm or cold...

i could easy so with a pair of multipattern ldc's and/or a trio of sdc's for pretty much any of my work (assuming we're talking abput isolated instruments in the studio).

[i could also adopt to all but dynamic mics but of course i'd have to adapt my technique - now THAT is something i do not necessarily like doing but mainly due to rhe fact that i have to do so all time, even under conditions which at first glance may seem like being 'perfect' but of course also when working in areas of conflict where pretty much everything is a challenge...]
Interesting and pro approach. I don’t have lots of external clients so can color away as I see fit on the way in. I kind of hate mixing so I try to print exactly what I want so mixing it super fast. I don’t mind accuracy but it needs something to work ITB for me.