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Originally Posted by deedeeyeah View Post
of course it's nice to have piece of ├╝ber-gear but it won't automatically guarantee you stellar results... definitely a collection!

but how many new mic do you really need? are all of your dynamic mics crap so you cannot use them? what preamps/converters are you using?

get a pair of sdc's for the piano and maybe an alternative for vocals and you should be fine!
Thanks for the suggestion! Will start looking at the sdcs for the piano.

I have great preamps (stereo tree-audio) and converters (2 channels of burl).

I tend to go for dark, wooly, thick tones from my keyboards so built some nice -to my ears - signal chains. I don't like super-accurate - bright - without some mellowing of the highs for digital recording.

Won't be doing any classical music or choirs.