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I've used firewire interfaces for years. I purchased an RME UCX that had both firewire and USB2. I tested both. The firewire was 'slightly' more efficient. I decided to go with USB instead because of the reliability. Before RME, I found fixing connectivity issues often meant reboot. I purchased an RME to get away from the driver and connectivity issues.
So to answer your question, yes, firewire appears slightly more efficient in Cubase. Not enough to warrant going back to firewire. Plus, it frees up the FW bus for my TC Powercore.
I find Totalmix amazing. It has really helped with having to switch everything remote over the last month. The Digicheck is really nice addition. I put it on a 7" monitor that is always running in Windows.
RME sounds solid and runs solid. Very happy with the investment.