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Old 12th April 2020
Here for the gear

I produced, Recorded, mixed this song in Reason from the backseat of my Ford Taurus

Been sleeping in my car since last June. I've just been super down on my luck. I put a song out a month ago and a record label I grew up on reached out and flew me out to them. Craziest moment of my life. I walked out the meaning with the understanding of signing. Flying back to my hometown I was to expect a call to fly to LA in the next few days then all of this COVID madness began and the A&R who signed me said the label can't make any move right now. That was three weeks ago. Still living in my car I decided to record on, mix and master a song I produced on Reason (Reason 7). I love Reason. My dream was to be sponsored by them lol. Anyways, live from a 2003 Ford Taurus in a Starbucks parking lot.. This is Top 5.