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That's a good idea! I'll try that.

Did you manage to sync them up so the transposed sequences start perfectly on beat, even if you didn't press the key prefectly on beat? I've already got them set up so the BPM is in sync perfectly.

What are the disadvantages you mentioned?
Nah, I gave up using the key trig/hold button on about day 3 of my Monologue ownership and just used the slider. Of the monosynths I've got the AS-1 has the best no-brainer sequencer transposition.

The main cv disadvantage I found (apart from the fact that over midi I could set patch 56 on the Monologue to set patch 56 on Mopho bank 1, patch 56 on AS-1, patch 56 on an Eventide Space pedal for song set-up recall) was that over cv an 8x2 step sequence on the Monologue would set the Sample off at double time, fine for nosebleed techno but not much else.