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i was lucky enough to mix him and his band on two tours in europe in the 80's (or maybe 90's?): besides getting to experience incredible musicianship, i owe him two of my most memorable moments on tour:

on one occasion while on tour in poland, the (spare) power supply of the desk went down just before sound check started and it was clear that there wouldn't be any replacement by the time the concert was scheduled
he was asking about what we techs would suggest and immediately agreed on our proposal to use the monitor desk at foh and to cut down on monitor sends (for obvious reasons) - his comment was something along the lines 'make sure the boys can hear themselves' (on the solo mic) and said he wouldn't need any wedge. in addition, he thanked us for telling him upfront that there was a technical problem! - a nuclear physicist living in town fixed the psu for the desk btw...

on another occasion in switzerland, a promotor dared to provide a defective honkytonk upright piano! what the promotor didn't get was that we organized a decent steinway, made sure that the mestro was sitting close to the swimming pool (the concert was outdoors, in a park of a prestigious hotel)...
...and we threw the upright into the pool after the first song and rolled in the grand piano! except for the promotor, everyone thought this was the most fun ever experienced on an outdoor show :-)

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