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I agree with everyone about Refused's shape of punk to come. it is fantastic and sounds fantastic.

I really like the sound of thrice's vheissu.

I also really like the sound of Underoaths define the great line. It was mixed by chris lord-alge and as far as metal records go it's pretty huge sounding.

I'm always surprised when bands like the deftones, chevelle, and korn are listed in peoples mix reference lists or favorite sounding albums. Don't get me wrong, I've always hated everything about korn, but I used to love the deftones and probably still would if the record after white pony hadn't been so god awful. I just don't get how people can think the deftones and especially the korn recordings sounded good. I can't remember how minerva or the selftitled deftones records sounded, but everything before them sounded pretty bad. I hate the nu-metal guitar tone so much.