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Well, I kind of cheated and build my own ground up facility on 10 acres I own.

But there are some fairly scary things about going partners with someone else - from simple things like how you schedule each of the partner's time in the studio to the way that money is divided. My old assistant was recently about to go into a studio partnership with a friend he was supplying the bulk of the gear and his friend was buying in with a cash invenstment - the building was chosen, the contractor for the build-out was hired, and then his friend got cold feet (and took his money with him).

If you have the cash flow to get into a building, make the payments on the gear and pay yourself enough of a slary to keep your head above water and have the gear to make it work, why not simply do the bare minimum of a build out to start working, and then do more as money is available? That's what I'm doing - this week, we're doing the back wall of the control room and beginning the treatment of the iso booth that's been used as dead storage for the last year. And if I get to Home Depot today, I'm going to go ahead and buy enough lumber to finish the treatments on the bottom half of the other control room walls next week. And I've been working in the room for a year...