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Some people (not really aiming this at anyone in the thread) get their feathers ruffled when songs are about serious issues. Even more so if you present the story like it was something you did or were directly involved in. If you want to sing the lyric "domestic violence is bad" they might be okay with it. This doesn't make for very compelling storytelling though. Nobody would read a novel, story or poem like that. Nobody would watch a film like that (unless it as a documentary, perhaps.)

There are a lot of people you need to not worry about if you are interested in telling these difficult stories.
Thanks,as of yet I'm not capable of generating the energy to write a song about small things or to copy. I do it because I love the process and being able to create something I can show. I do it for me, to connect with the muse that has been teasing me my whole life, and I know there is no shortage of critics that can't create anything worthwhile. But I want to know their minds.