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Last two days of the intro price. Was really hoping we'd see some updates and see some sequencer action to help me make the hard call.

There's plenty of time until late May 2020 (ship estimate) for Isla to work out the initial problems - actually, that's just two months away.

Okay, read the last newsletter, looks like mid-to-late June if you order now.

Not sure what to do. Part of me says "just order it, if you hate it or you can take the beta period, you can sell it for $250-$300 more once it takes off". The other part of me says "it's worth it to wait and see."

Sold my Tempest (possible mistake), so I have the funds ready.


I've had one great Kickstarter experience this year (Camera Bag). Another one has delayed shipping (MIDI Box), but I'm confident it'll arrive. Even though this isn't a Kickstarter, I'm just not sure what to do.

Sorry to express any doubt.
I was also doubting and was about to sell my MPC 3000 before ordering it.

I finally decided to order it and kept my MPC 3000.

I dont see anything being a possible let down in the project. I think he made some honest mistake with his first project and he wont repeat them this time.

But I dont know how much you ''need'' the IS2400. In my case it was really just to had another color to the sampling textures and the added feature became clear to me that it would highly ease my workflow OTB.

I think only you can make that call. No one really know what the final product will really be but I'm personally confident that it wont be a let down on my expectation. It has all I really wanted and more.