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There are distinctions between piano skills, organ skills, accordion skills, mini-key synth skills. There are different techniques to leverage the benefits and disadvantages of each technology. With mini-keys, one hand easily can stretch much further than an octave. They make different voicings and riffs more easily and likely to be played, and other ones nigh impossible. You can roll multiple notes easier on leads, because of small light keys that don't travel much. Often, one hand plays the keys while the other tweaks the knobs. "Keying an arp or sequencer line one finger at a time while twisting knobs and messing with a drum machine" is definitely in the mini-key lexicon. You wouldn't do that on a piano, and most people wouldn't choose a mini-key synth to play Chopin. It's fun to compare, knowing they're made for separate playing styles and goals.

so, my answer to full-sized keys vs mini-keys dilemma is: pads/grid.
like Launchpad Pro, Novation Circuit, etc.