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Understand the issue. It is worth noting, I believe, that if I recall correctly, Izotope or Waves had a sale where that was actually part of how it worked. Your upgrade path pricing could be applied to the discounted price. If you haven't already, put a notice on the site about both discounts not being able to be used. I don't think all of these customers were being malicious. Multiple discounts are possible at a lot of places for all sorts of items beyond software too. Just make the policy clear I guess.

I think what you guys are doing is great. I'm not in the market right now for anything more but thank you for doing this.
We are trying to communicate this as good as possible.

Just to make this clear:
1.) We offer the STAYHOME Bundle, which is the All Bundle at 90% discount
2.) We offer an upgrade path to the STAYHOME Bundle, where the intention is to fill up the licenses to have all plugins
3.) Single products can also be bought with that STAYHOME upgrade, but it is not the original intention.
4.) Don't use any voucher code on top of the STAYHOME bundle