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Lives for gear

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I guess if you can't do Uber that makes sense. Good thing you don't play drums mate!
This is why most venues have a house kit and backline. There's no guarantee an Uber will take you either if you want to take **** loads of gear or anything large & heavy. If your gear fits into an average boot you're all good to go.

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An used van isn't a luxury item lol. If you can afford a couple synths you can afford an used van. There are cheap cars too you don't need a Mercedes Maybach
Still got to pay for insurance, tax, have somewhere to park it, as well as pay for that, there are charges for driving in certain parts of London as well. Could easily pay for some high end synths with what you actually pay in reality. Not to forget it is the slowest way to get around!
I know London based bands who are relatively successful & tour a lot who don't even bother with owning one.

Hitting the gym is a stupid suggestion as well as that doesn't remotely train you for carrying about large bulky gear that isn't designed to be carried around. I get the impression you've never gigged.