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Old 27th August 2007
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as some have said, there is no real benefit to increasing bit depth, signal to noise or any of that stuff when you are at 24 bits.

the real part of the answer for me depends. and further i would say its a convenience factor and dependent on the nature of the material and importance of the project.

if you know exactly what sound you are going for and have the tools to do it, by all means strap it on.

if its a rock or pop song and want lots of in your face intimacy and color, you've got the cl1b, 1176, la2a or whatever floats your boat by all means strap all three or four on and go for it. that is, if you are confident in your engineering abilities and vocal chain.

if its R&B jazz or another genre where you may want very clean or you're not sure and will want to audition many things out down the line, go clean, or a few db on a very clean unit.

if its a major label project or just for tv or an indie artist, you may want to consider that aspect. if somebody's going out to other major me's i'd leave it clean. conversely, if i'm producing and getting a great performance with the chain-in, i'd stay with that. sometimes you just don't have the time.

keep in mind, of course, that some vocalists may not react well to generous compression, or even reverb for that matter so, as i said originally, it depends.

what i have been seeing more today is a lot new people not confident in their work which creates this cycle of non-commitment. get confidence in your skills and go for it.