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Old 27th August 2007
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thanks so much for your input jason

to answer your questions:

1) Do you want a device that has very little absorption, or is moderate absorption OK?
less absorption would be preferable, but if that makes things much more complicated, then moderate is fine

2) Are you planning on making a 2-D well diffuser like the Auralex space array? or something without wells like the RPG skyline?
originally I had a 2D diffusor like the RPG Omniffusor in mind, but the Space Array looks like a great design too.

3) Are you making many of these or one?
just one for my back wall

4) What are you planning to make them from?
idealistically I would like to make it from balsa wood because I will need to remove and transport the diffusor in the near future when I move.
one problem with balsa wood is that it is rather expensive and not that easy to obtain where I live but I still would like to use it

Also, I want to get the best amount of low frequency diffusion out of this diffusor keeping in mind I can't make my wells much deeper than 20cm or 8" due to my small room size. I realise that the low-frequency limit is determined principally by well depth but I see commercial products claiming diffusion down to as low as 125Hz with well depth of only 4"!
how is this so?

a few other things desired are broadband diffusion and an overall dimension of approx. 1x1m or 40x40"

thanks again!