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I've decided to design and build an Omni directional Quadratic Residue Diffusor to place on the back wall of my studio.
I have used the quadratic residue formula and made use of this website - HiFi Speaker Design © mhSoft 2007 to assist me with the overall measurements of the diffusor
If anyone has some knowledge or experience with omni diffusors or just acoustics in general, could you please check out my design and pick out any faults and / or give me some advice as it would be greatly appreciated

here is my design:


Glenn told me to head over hear and give my input. Looks like a fun project you've got going.

But.........your design won't work very well as it is. To make a 2-D diffuser that works evenly, you need to use a more sophisticated method to "translate" your sequence from a 1-d to a 2-D. Chinese remainder theorem is one option, for example.

I would be happy to help you work through this. But, before we dig through the math give me a better idea of what you want the end product to be. Here are some questions:

1) Do you want a device that has very little absorption, or is moderate absorption OK?
2) Are you planning on making a 2-D well diffuser like the Auralex space array? or something without wells like the RPG skyline?
3) Are you making many of these or one?
4) What are you planning to make them from?

Once we get these things covered..and anything else you want to add, we can cook you up a top quality sequence in a flash!