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Originally Posted by mixerguy View Post
well.... i have yet to hear it!

but i have an open mind...
As you say your notions of depth and space etc, are peculiar to you.

You think that the CLA mix has depth and space, to me it absolutely does not.

It sounds artificial and in NO WAY 3D just like the SG mix is not 3D.

Your criteria for what contributes to a good in a mix are 'space' & 'depth' - even if it is a contrived artificial type like the one you percieve in the CLA.

Try listening to some classical and film music mixed ITB.

But somehow I percieve that you will never accept or acknowledge that an ITB can have depth or space.

I wonder if you greatly enjoy playing the role of the 'unconvinced' - I wonder if you feel elevated somehow in your position.

How did you score on the Digidesign test?

Let me guess 100% you identified the ITB mixes straight off the bat, Or are you suddenly going to say they all sounded flat....

Curiously I do not see any contribution from you on the Digidesign ITB test thread. For someone who has yet to be convinced about ITB I would have thought you would be very keen to try the test, check the results - and speak your thoughts...

A few of the big boys have contributed to that thread.

I wonder if you could be so self assured without knowing the results first.

I think you would report back that all the ITB mixes sounded worse.

I don't think you (and some others) want to be convinced or hear those qualities in an ITB mix - and maybe that is why you have not tried the test, it would mess up your world and corrupt your cosy paradigm - it's hard to change a fixed and comfortable postion.

Originally Posted by mixerguy View Post
but i have an open mind...
I wonder.