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Originally Posted by oldgearguy ➡️
I don't know. I owned an Eight Voice for a number of years. Yes, it has a glorious sound. Yes, it is a royal pain to change to a new sound and adjust everything (even with the programmer module) so it sounded right when playing chords. I tend to leave it on one patch for long periods of time.

In this day, if money was no object, I'd buy OB-X and OB-8 or maybe split it and buy an OB-Xa and a Two Voice.
if you want good sound you have to suffer .. of course not for the "where is the sysexdump, it has CC ?" people.
I only say the ulimative Oberheim in terms of sound .. the sem clones do not have the same level.
it's about half as bad as a poly boog system can save certain parameters somewhat globally

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was that in switzerland? Was interested in that
yes in the area of lake geneva ... what do you mean you were interested?