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Old 15th March 2020
Dramis, this is some fantastic work you've done there. Your corner traps look spot on!!

Sorry to resurrect this old thread but as I am about to embark in the built of my corner traps I have a handful of questions. I'd be really grateful If anyone could help out!
  1. How thick are the triangle base and top? Any preference on the wood for them? (I am thinking of using plywood)
  2. Did you glue/nail/ screw the timber on the triangle base and top?
  3. Since the front corners are trimmed, they do not sit right flush against the wall, what did you do? Do you have a photo of the finished result in the studio?
  4. You have them foil reinforced. What is this foil and what is the actual benefit of placing one?
  • In my installation need to scallop around skirting board, dado rail, and a pipe. Has anyone come across a similar issue?
  • How can I make a perfect triangle instead of chopping the front like here in this photo?

Many thanks all.