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I also do not like the Warm Audio. For 1176 flavor, as a previous poster mentioned, the Serpent Splice is the way to go. The blue stripe mode on it is fantastic.

Given your list, I'd probably add something that would cover drums/percussive elements well, but also have other applications, such as:

Aurora GTC is fantastic on drums and 2 mix on the right tune. Great color.

ADR Compex is just about the best drum comp out there. Also nice on mix buss.

Distressors are always useful....

33609/2264 (Vintech 609CA is a great alternative)

the API 2500 is cool on drums (rooms especially)/piano/guitars and a good alternative to your Dramastic. In my experience, SSL styles usually work on more mixes than the API, but when the API works, it REALLY works.

Single channel stuff:

Retro 176- incredible on vocals and bass

I use LA-3As on almost everything.....