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Originally Posted by robotchicken View Post's an example
they can often be tight even if they move around in terms of tempo. if you analyze what goes on in drum performances, the drummer is usually shifting around even if stuck within some absolute tempo. it may often be shifting around in short windows of time, and differently for different parts of a song. usually the faster the overall tempo, the more variation occurs. if some aspect of swing is included, that's an added factor and it's usually equivalent to a specific degree of delay. if you have a really compelling performance it becomes difficult to have any kind of quantize grid accord with those factors after the fact, because if the grid isn't sufficiently following the amount of small tempo changes and swing, the sequencers event positions won't easily resolve to the performance.

but in the case of that particular song, here's them doing it live. I doubt they should have too many problems in the studio, as long as the producer had set up the correct conditions for the recording. the producer was Ian Broudie in this case and if you listen to his interviews, you soon get the impression he knew how to make sure the conditions were right for getting it all right. the Bunnymen seem to have originally started out using a Korg Minipops Junior but I don't think they probably stuck with it.

here they are live.