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Before DAWs existed, back in the late 70's, early 80's, I quantized parts in a sequencer. Drums were often Linn or Oberheim, so the drum track was dead on the grid. Then you synced to a sequencer playing the keyboard parts and often bass too, so that was locked. Then you could play other stuff live on top of that, being very careful to lock to the groove. When you drifted, it was painfully obvious, so you punched and punched until everything sounded mega-tight.

There were also a few drummers I recall that could sound amazingly like a drum machine when playing to a click. Not many, but a few could do that. It wasn't a thing that anyone even thought of doing before they heard something like a DMX locking down to the grid. It was a kind of new sound back then that some drummers were chasing. Lot of people thought Billie Jean was a drum machine.