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Thanks for letting us know about the code.

The compressor seems too aggressive (never used the HW) and yeah as @ Jeezo said the gain-stage is key, I'm too running input pot on lowest (my source is already -18 dbfs!) and gain reduction reach ~5 dbs.

It seems like a mojo compressor that can not do transparent compression, the way it deals with transients is more to excite them than control them. The only comps in my folder managed to get somehow close are the ACME Opticom and UA 175-B.*

There's is something in the SC filter, on 60hz cutoff with some dry mixed in the bottom-end of the drums bus is fat and solid like nothing else!

I do have the Curve Bender EQ, while it's an EQ but I can tell they come from the same sonic family and that really tells Softube did a good job here. Would love some AB from people with the HW unit.

I think Softube lost the opportunity to make the VU support I/O readout beside the GR.

* Seems like the AA Gold comp can get a similar results too.