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Here for the gear

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32 is straight 16's. maybe you have sequencer enabled. you need to retrigger arp mode in some patches where it's been saved with sequencer enabled
Using newest firmware
Hi Nightmara,

Yes, I agree that the setting 32 should be straight 16's.
I have verified that I am running latest FW on my Bass Station (version V4.1419, Build 675).

Could this be some sort of mismatch between my Midi source (Protools/DigiRack002) and my Bass Station?

For analysis, I attached an Axoloti Core to my midi source and first I did a simple 24ppq to bpm conversion of the midi clock coming from the source.
Analysis result matches the source bpm.

Secondly (still on the Axoloti Core) I did a downsampling of the 24ppq clock, first by a factor of 24, and subsequently by a factor of 128. This gives me a pulse for every quarter note. Deriving the bpm from these pulses also gives me a result matching the bpm of my source.
However, when I use exactly this midi clock with my Bass Station 2, it seems that my Bass Station interprets this as a clock in halftime?

Am I making wrong assumptions somewhere?