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The rhythm knob has patterns in different rates including straight 8ths and 16ths.

I'd have to play with it to see which rhythm values correspond to straight arps but generally the higher up the knob, the faster they get.
Hi kpatz,

I have tried turning the Rythm knob, and even when turning it to max (32), I only get 8th.
If I disable midi tempo and manually adjust the Tempo knob to double the tempo, I get the right pattern

I found this chart (, which indicates that the seting 32 on the Rythm knob should be straight 16th, but that's not what I get...

I have used the same setup with my older Novation Super Bass Station (rack), and it gave me 16th, but with the Bass Station 2, I seem to be having issues.

Do I need to change the arpegiator input to one of the LFO's and use this as arpegiator clock?