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Old 24th August 2007
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Panasonic Ramsa WR-8616

I'm new to the boards here and have been extensively searching and reading through past posts, but I've come up short with input on the Panasonic Ramsa WR-8616. I've seen posts on other Ramsa's usually with good remarks, but nothing on this one. Here is a picture with a little information<wbr>/store/model_detail.cfm?id<wbr>=9624 I ask because I've been offered one for a few hundred dollars and while I've read almost every post on the ITB Vs. OTB debate I can't see why not have the ability to do both because I wouldn't mind going OTB on occasion just for the experience and enjoyment. Over all I'm just looking for any input at all on the board and if anybody has ever used one.