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I own 5 Acustica products. Downloaded Ivory this morning just to demo it. Loaded clients project later this afternoon and when they wanted more air, tried to load Diamond 3 to add a little 50Khz to the project.. And this BS is what I got when trying to load a plug I already own from you.. Do us all a favor, stop running around the God Damned planet trying to sample every piece of gear and fix sht like this FIRST.... ty
I don't have Diamond 3 but is there an XML file somewhere near the Diamond 3 VST or AU plugin? See if anything in the XML is mis-spelled or off. Lately I had that happen in Windows with Nebula 3 (I used to be a beta tester but heart failure disoriented me ) and it was a reference to Nebula's repository and it was one extra blank space in the name of that folder.

Back to being a beta tester, once you get Acustica products setup properly, they'll be bulletproof. I'm running some things in Windows 10 that were installed in 2012 and 2014 when this was Windows 7! Still remarkable!

Maybe it's tough love, but you gotta want it!
And I love the names of your screenshots

p.s. could be some other cause but I'd start with anything mis-labeled or something that changed since installation.