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Thanks a million! I will be buying one....that is, if that is MIDI out it has.
Honestly for the money I would not bother, unless you particularly like the LED effect for live performance. That would be the only thing... it is one of those things that can definitely work better on ipad than on hw.. but if you like it, it was well made - esp. the tnr-w - magnesium and leds on both sides so live audience see what you do. It was a 'future of music" in 2005-6, just before ipads took off and hijack the niche market of weird instruments with $5 buck apps.. well some now cost $20, coz they wised up.

Anyway check for yourself:

I am sucker for weird things, but passed on tenori-on. In 2006 I was this close (shows very small gap between his fingers) of buiyng one though. I even have some memories that I may bought one but the transaction didn't go through or something like that. Then soon enough ipad happened and I forgot about the whole thing. Still kudos to yamaha for doing the unusual, just bad timing...