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Just got soft tube saturation. I appreciate it's free but having auditioned it on bass, vocal, total mix I'm not feeling it. It adds a fuzz or your basic distortion to a source. Am I missing something? I think in a limited way one could use it for a fuzz effect. I get that in a small dose, only hitting the peaks it might add an interesting tone for a moment but seems like only certain types of tunes would benefit.
There is something weird about softube's saturation algorithms I think.
Some love them, and some (including me) definitely don't.
To me it sounds like a fuzzy 'shallow' distortion too, instead of the deep saturation one would like from such a plugin.
Sure, it is free, no complaints there, but in this case I rather pay for something better.

I have the same issue with most of their Console 1 saturation models by the way (the only exception being the one on the SSL XL 9000K).