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Thanks for the recommendations. For completeness sake, I was in the music store yesterday with my setup and tried a few things. I ended up buying an LA Lady from Source Audio because it sounded incredible and integrated into my setup perfectly without compromise. Without compromise because I'm running full stereo or even multichannel and the LA is stereo!

I put it into one of the stereo loops of my audio interface and load it in Ableton as an external audio effect and put it wherever I need it in the chain. I can fully midi program it from Ableton so basically I can continue using my midi interface and just use it for the engines. They sound awesome and the ability to either have them parallel for stereo or stacking for higher gain (which you can change per preset) is extremely versatile. Great plus is that every parameter is mapped to midi, so I can also use modulation envelopes or oscillators in Ableton to control some of the parameters.

For chorus/modulation/delay/reverb I think for now I stick to my Valhalla plugins. Compared some high end Pedals like the Mercury 7 (which is imho the best reverb pedal at the moment) and BigSky against the Valhalla Vintage/Plate/Room Reverb. I didn't feel like I was missing out on much from a pure tone perspective although the Cathedral on the Mercury with the pitch shift down and modulation on the trails was sweet but that was also nothing you couldn't construct in a chain.

Cheers and thanks
Valhalla has a free FreQ Echo that's really cool - you can use it as a watery modulation as well if you set the time to 0 and feedback to 0