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They should get Elysia to manufacture it.
GML is still manufacturing... as stated above, the EQ's preamps, PSU's etc... are all still available new. and they still support these vintage discontinued compressors with service. (I just had a 8900 recapped, and a 2030 repaired by them in CA last year)

However, they will no longer build NEW 8900 or 2030's. The compressors are too complicated. In the case of the 2030, they built their own VCA from the ground up. (in the older 8900's it's Valley People or DBX VCAs) Not sure those parts are even available anymore. So the only way to get one is find them used. And they very rarely come up for sale .... for a good reason

That said. the GML compression is the most flexible I've ever used. At ANY price point.

The closest thing I've found is Solera.... still doesn't have the depth/grab/integrity of the GML hardware