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Old 27th February 2020
Here for the gear

Pedal / effect plugins


my "pedalboard" is Ableton Live with a Midi Commander stomp connected to my PC. As amp I either use a real Vox AC30 or Archetype Plini, depending on the scenario, the routing in Ableton also lets me switch between them or run them in parallel, trigger loops, record etc. So generally I would not want to change this setup since I'm very happy with it.

So for effects, I can run some of the Neural DSP effects and Valhalla effects into the AC or Plini, which both sound really good. I want to expand my arsenal of effects now, since for a lot of things I use Ableton stock plugins, which are good in their own right but not particularly tailored for guitar. Also I am missing some of the classic overdrive/distortion pedals (TS/OCD/BD2) to shape the tone some more.
There are several amp sims out there like bias, guitar rig, amplitube, overloud,... my question is, what do you prefer in term of effects. I do not care about the amp / cab sims. Routing options is also an interesting topic, but I guess for most of them you would have to load two instances of the plugin:

effects-plugin (1) -> amp / amp sim -> effects-plugin (2) -> master channel

I tried bias but was really not blown away by the effects. I had a helix for a while and quite liked the effects that were in there, but I sold it for several reasons. I would not want to shell out the 400EUR for helix native when I already know I don't need the amp sims. I would do it if it's the absolutely best option bar none though.