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It's been a while since I recorded with the 16 track version of the same machine....but my recollection is that many of the remote control functions are duplicated on the top panel of the recorder.

I think the individual VU meters each have a red (very likely blinking in 'record ready' and solid red when 'recording' modes) light inside the meter, so it's very clear which channels are recording or not. There may have also been a peaking/overload red LED also built into each of the meters ?

Once you've done the record pass, stopping the transport should drop it out of record mode and turn off the VU red LEDs (and also turn off the light inside the square red record transport button) I may have it wrong, but that's my memory of the Otari 16 track

Don't be surprised if, after long periods of disuse, either the record or playback cards may be non-functional on a few channels. You maybe need to unscrew the covers, slide the cards out and then re-seat them. With luck this will scrape off any corrosion in the pins or sprung fingers which connect to the cards. Ditto for the DB25 type multipin connectors at the rear ...disconnect and reconnect these a few times to achieve the same corrosion-wiping result. If you have any lost channels, this is the most likely cause, so try it first.