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even the ones that can program wouldn't have come up with a lot of the stuff that the "NM wizards" did. genius next level patching.
Off the top of my head Jan Punter and Roland Kuit (I think I had a few from Dave Peck in there too) were doing some otherworldly stuff with it. Even after taking apart some of their patches, how they even came up with that stuff is just leagues beyond me heh. Had one for about 16 years or so (just sold it last October) and never did figure out how to use all those math and logic modules they used to make patches talk and come alive. Jan used to do these 4 packs of "noodles" that were meant to be played all at once in the keyboard/rack, but since I had the Micro I could only load one at a time, track it, then load up another, repeat and then I finally got to hear what it was supposed to sound like..