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The API could probably have been shorter in height if not for the internal PSU. The whole mixer could be recessed in a desk about 2", but that could impede access to the DI inputs on the front. I have my v2 in a hollowed out, slightly modified Argosy, that formerly housed either a Yamaha PM2000's or two 02R's. It fits quite nicely, with 13.5" of extra space that could be split on either side of the API. On one side I have a stack of UAD Satellites, the other just random whatever- capo's, picks, cd's, etc...

The top shelf of the Argosy is just the perfect height for the API (13.5"), so it doesn't look ridiculous, and works well enough as a video monitor/speaker stand. The armrest adds 6-7" between me and API. Even with that, I find it is still a relatively comfortable reach to all controls for an average sized human - especially compared to a large format console.

I have tried an 88 key controller in front of this setup. That's great for playing and hearing in the sweet spot, but with that armrest and the keys, if you have to tweak the mixer frequently it sucks. That's where that hideaway keyboard tray would be handy. Now I have the keyboard off to the side or put away. If I were composing full time, I would probably get a completely different desk and have the music keyboard in front, and the API off to my right. Oddly enough, I think that might be an ideal setup but I'm too committed to my current arrangement to try it right now.

I am using an old 40" LED TV as a 1080p monitor, and it's 42" away and eye level. I would prefer it lower, but it works. In photos the height of the API looks a little weird. In practice I don't think it's an issue at all.

If I were you, I'd call a local carpenter and see what he/she could do for about 1000-1500 bucks. You may be surprised. You might also consider taking delivery of the mixer and getting a feel for the size and ergonomics before you buy or build something. Reading the dimensions gives you an idea, but sitting in front of it you might change your mind on a few things.

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